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Buyer Locator

The database is broken down into two main categories.

Military and Federal contracting officials and a database of contracting offices and personnel from over 1450 purchasing offices of State, County and Cities.

Data has been extracted from daily announcements in publications by either the FBO or the State, City or County purchasing activity.

Federal Contracting

Names of contracting officials are taken from Government publication, Federal Business Opportunities (FBO). Name of official will stay in system unless no activity from that official in 18 months. 

Data is indexed by many means, such as:

  • Key word of item or service acquired

  • Name of official


  • PSC

  • FSC

  • Also filtered by State, zip, or agency

State and Local Contracting

Data is organized by State, City and or County. Over 1450 organizations maintained in the database.

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